Oct 5, 2018

Guest of Honor:

Rev. James Swift, C.M.

​12:30pm Registration

1:30pm Start  


Our Charities

Sewell Automotive, Mosquitonix, McMullen Family, Bill & Mary Sladek, Philly Pretzel Company, RAAN Holdings, American Terrazzo, Catholic Charities, Dignity Funeral, Excentus Corporation, Tom Merkel and JP Morgan, JP Transmission, Dina King Nationwide Insurance, Campisi's Restaurants, John Michael Stewart Oral Surgery, Fresh Pasta, Tobolka Family, Safeco,
​F&R Machine Co., Sapio Family, GroupStructural Engineers Inc., Notre Dame Assembly 2144, Martinizing, Preston Forest Barbers, In Loving Memory of Baby Maria Frances, In Memory of SK Brad Feis, Bill Pratt/Keller Williams, 

Caritas Classic History

We are at it again- have you signed up your foursome?

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St. Monica Knights of Columbus 5656

2018 Tourney Details

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